Shannon Tidwell

Hi! I’m Shannon Tidwell and this is my husband Earl.  We live in South Arkansas and I am living my dream of working as a travel planner!  Specializing in all-inclusive Caribbean’s vacations but I can help you plan a dream Disney vacation; actually I can help you plan a vacation anywhere in the world even on a cruise ship  Why would or should you use a travel planner?  There’s NEVER A CHARGE FOR ME TO BOOK A TRIP FOR YOU!  Most of the time you will save money and always get more value for your money.  Traveling is something we enjoy and I’d love to take some of the stress off of you by planning and booking your vacation.  Whether you love to relax, enjoy spa treatments, eat great food, work out while traveling, go on excursions full of adventure, visit the best beaches and or play golf ( I have played golf on some of the best courses in the Caribbean) please let me help you.

I promise to plan your vacation taking detail to the things important to you and your family as if it were my own and make your vacation one you won’t forget!


Text or email me anytime and I will get back to you ASAP